10th Oct

Molly’s chemo done and dusted, now it’s time for some serious fun for the weekend in Barretstown!



16th Sept

Finally we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. We spoke with Molly’s consultant and he is delighted with her results. CT scan is clear, bone marrow is still clear and the six hotspots on her bones have now become five. It’s a small step but it’s a step in the right direction and we’re thrilled. Her new chemotherapy is working and that’s everything we hoped for. She has already started cycle three and it will last till Friday and then it’s back to normality for a couple of weeks before she starts the fourth. For now, we’ll savour this good news and even though we know Molly has a very long road ahead of her, it doesn’t seem as terrifying anymore. Thanks to you all for your continued support x


12th Sept

Assessments completed and the wait is on till we get the results. Molly had a tough busy week but other than being very tired this morning, she’s in great form. As parents though, this is the worst part for us, waiting and hoping for good results. We will however try and keep busy for the weekend to take our minds off it, hard as it might be. Molly is back in Crumlin on Monday for five days to start cycle 3 of her new chemotherapy, for now though, she’ll enjoy the sunshine, play with her friends and enjoy herself, just at it should be x


10th Sept

Molly is just home from hospital after her bone marrow procedure and couldn’t wait to get out and enjoy the rest of the sunshine and play, nothing will stop her from enjoying herself. She’s back to Crumlin tomorrow for her last assessment but for now she’s just happily waiting on the ice cream van. x



Sept 7th………..

Molly has now completed two cycles of her new chemotherapy trial and so far she seems to have handled things pretty well. She started back in school last Monday also and was able to do three full days which was fantastic but then some of the side effects kicked in, vomiting and tiredness and she had to stay at home for the rest of the week. Those couple of days rest have done her the world of good and she is back on top form which is important as this week coming she faces a heavy schedule of assessments in Crumlin to see if this chemo is working. Firstly on Tuesday she will have a CT scan, Wednesday she will go to theatre to check that her bone marrow is still clear from Neuroblastoma and she will also have a radioactive dye injected into her blood stream. This has to be in her system for 24 hours so on Thursday she will be put asleep again and have a MIBG scan to hopefully see a reduction in the amount of cancer hotspots on her bones. These tests used to really terrify her but now she is so used to them she takes it all in her stride and just gets on with things. These are the times when we see Molly at her absolute bravest, she is an inspiration to us and we are so proud of her x7th_Sept